Kathie & Sam's Wedding Photos by Peggy

Kum Koon Garden, Winnipeg Wedding

Winnipeg wedding photographer Peggy

Photos & Text by Peggy

Probably one of my most entertaining weddings ever. I have never laughed so much in my life , let alone in one day. These two surely enjoyed every single second of their wedding day with their friends and family! You will see from their pictures that there was never a dull moment.

Between all the craziness, laughter, tears and good times, when I see the two of them look in each others eyes, you can see TRUE LOVE and the AMAZING connection Kathie & Sam have.

Thank you guys so much for inviting me into your lives, I had a wonderful time being a part of your big day and wish you all of the best.

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Paige & Ian's Wedding Photos by Tony

Evergreen Village Wedding Reception

Tony Winnipeg Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Tony

What a great wedding to end my season with.  It was a super nice country wedding, out at Evergreen Village with a quick pop into Bailey’s downtown Winnipeg for refreshments.  The ceremony had one element that I’d never seen before, and it was almost enough to give me goosebumps.  Ian and Paige had a balloon ceremony to honour and remember the friends and family who had passed away and thus, were unable to attend the wedding. 

When the balloons were released they ended up getting stuck in the top of a nearby tree.  It was as if it was a message that they were indeed there and sticking around for the ceremony with the best seats in the house.  Very cool.  Cigars under a full moon were a nice way to cap off the day.

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Stephanie & David's Wedding Photos by Tony

Wedding at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Winnipeg

Chinese wedding ceremony photographer

Photos & Text by Tony

What a wedding!  It was clear from the moment I met these two that this was more than just a wedding.  It was a sincere celebration of life.  This day could not have been made possible without the work of an incredible number of people.  And this day could not have been near as special as it was, without Stephanie and David being the centre of it all. 

I am so thankful I got to meet these two, along with their friends and family.  This is a wedding I will never forget, and it gives me such joy to take the photos that will ensure they never forget such incredible moments either.

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Chris and Ashley’s Winnipeg Wedding

Wedding Reception at the Best Western Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

Chris and Ashley’s relaxed demeanour on their wedding day was very similar to how I feel heading to the spa. 

Match that with one of the most welcoming families you can imagine, and you have a recipe for a fantastic wedding day.  I had the pleasure of having my wife along with me as an assistant for this wedding, and we agreed their day was amazing, and perfectly fitting of their personalities.

I always enjoy getting to work with the team at Madelines Weddings and Events, most notably Jamie, who organized my wedding 5 years ago almost to the day.  

Best Western was an incredible host and provided ceremony and reception rooms filled with character.  With a stop for photos at the Legislative building, their wedding was pure class.

So excited to share this love story of such an amazing couple.

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Jamie & Brendin's wedding at Bridges Golf Course by Tony

Bridges Golf Course wedding in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

So much to say here, but all I want to write about is Brendin’s reaction to seeing his wife walk down the aisle.  Going through those photos it becomes quite apparent why they chose to get married.  There is such a strong connection. 

That part of the day was awesome!  But it wasn’t the only awesome part.  While I was shooting the guys drinking beers and playing pool, Jamie and the ladies were getting their hair done at Elan (elanhairstudio.ca) (where Jamie works), and to keep busy, our beautiful bride to be decided to start working the front desk.  After clocking in her hours I met up with them for final prep.  Besides Jamie’s sister’s dog, everyone was very kind to me.

This was my first time shooting at Bridges, and I sure hope it was not the last.  It was the perfect setting, for this happy, energetic couple and wedding party to have a beautiful ceremony, and to throw down a mean dance party.  Have a look for yourself.