Pre Wedding Photo Shoot | by Jensen

Winnipeg Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

A few previews from a recent Pre Wedding Shoot Jensen did for Rachel and Jing.

Couples Engagement Session in AirBnB | Olivia & Toby

Couples Engagement Session in AirBnB

Engagement Photographer Winnipeg Jensen.jpg

Photos by Jensen

When Olivia told me she wanted to do a laid back couples session in an AirBnB, I was so excited. I loved getting to spend the evening with them, listening to the music coming in through the windows from the Exchange District, cutting holes in feather pillows and lounging around drinking beer. The rainy evening was the perfect setting for an indoor cozy engagement session.

Can you believe this loft???

It's gorgeous. I fell in love with the loft the second I saw the wall of obscure sunglasses walking in, and the high ceiling and room full of plants was so perfect. It's our little secret now, I'll never give up the location ;)

Thank you Olivia and Toby for allowing me to spend an amazing evening with you, and you both absolutely rocked this shoot!

La Lune Wedding St. Pierre Jolys | Shelby & Blake

La Lune Wedding St. Pierre Jolys


Photos by Jensen

Let me tell you about Shelby and Blake’s gorgeous wedding day at La Lune, and how incredible excited I was to spend the day with them and capture their wedding. 

We met when Shelby and Blake won an engagement session over the winter. I knew it was the perfect match when their engagement session was wandering around the forks, drinking beer and taking photographs with the heart balloons we found.

Their wedding day was more than perfect. Shelby wore her grandmother’s dress, which was such a sentimental touch to their day. The weather was perfect, and the fireworks show at the end of the night topped off the whole day. (The s’mores cupcakes we had were absolutely phenomenal, I had 3).

Shelby and Blake, I wish you all of the best in your new adventure with each other. The way you two look at each other, anyone who watches would know that you both are perfect for each other. Thank you for having me for your day, and here’s to many many years of happiness.

Birds Hill Park Engagement Session | Ruth & Jordan

Birds Hill Park Engagement Session

Birds Hill Park Wedding Photographer Jensen.jpg

Photos by Jensen

Warm weather, FINALLY!

Ruth, Jordan and I headed out to Bird’s Hill Park to enjoy the warm sunshine and a gorgeous sunset for their engagement session. 

We had the perfect weather and no one brought home any ticks so I’m calling it a win-win.

These two trusted me to capture how in love they were, despite my weird kissing games, and the three of us climbing through a recently flooded road to get to the perfect hill (trust me, there was only one hill that would suffice). Thanks to Jordan the puns never stopped coming, and we all had an amazing night exploring the nooks and crannies of the park. 

Next time I won’t lead my couple into the woods and then promptly get lost trying to find my way out. But I think it was well worth it.  

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