Kelly & Duncan's Engagement Photos by Tony

A Winter pre-wedding photo shoot in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

Duncan and Kelly were one of the few couples who unfortunately had to relocate their wedding after Hawthorne Estates tragically burnt down. 

Although we are super excited that Hawthorne has decided to rebuild for 2018, it wont quite be ready for these two to take advantage of it.  Duncan and Kelly are working hard at planning the perfect wedding for them, with an added hurdle of a pressing time crunch.  For me personally, photos are always a great time to reflect on memories and reestablish whatis most important in life. 

Going through and editing these photos, while knowing they had to change their wedding plans really highlighted the fact that the only detail on the wedding day that truly matters is that you get to connect and commit to the one you want to spend your life with.  Seeing these two together in front of the camera makes me super excited to document that part of their life story, and to get a glimpse into their connection being solidified in front of friends and family.