Manitoba Winter Engagement Photos | Chad & Nancy

Photos & Text by Tony

Saying we had a tiny window to do this engagement shoot would be generous.  We had a date set, and with Chad and Nancy’s schedules, there really wasn’t a rain check option.  Mere hours before we got together for this shoot, Manitoba in arguably its ugliest season, was putting on a bleak display.  No leaves on the trees, mud everywhere and characterless grey skies. 

Luckily Manitoba weather, being as fickle as it is, decided it wasn’t quite done with winter and dumped a pile of sticky snow, which stuck to the trees and created stunning backdrops in the bushes.  My feeds on social media let me know that there was a complete absence of people happy with the return of winter.  However, aside from Nancy’s cold toes, I don’t think we could have been happier with the return of the white stuff.

Chad and Nancy are interesting characters.  Their wedding will be a merging of a French and a Portuguese family.  I have been assured that it will be one of the loudest weddings I will ever have the pleasure of documenting.  I can’t wait.

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