Winter Engagement Photos Exchange District

Winter Engagement Photo Shoot Exchange District

I love Downtown Winnipeg for engagement sessions. When Ingrid and Trevor told me they wanted downtown in the exchange for a different take on their engagement session, I was so happy. We started our day at, Into The Music, in Osborne Village. It was easy going - taking some photos, talking about their cupcake tasting they had that morning, and shopping for records. 

When we made it to the exchange, the light was so perfect, and we had such an amazing time piggybacking down the streets and talking about our dogs. 

The photos tell the whole story of just how awesome these two are together. 

I can't wait to try the cupcakes they were telling me about when their wedding day comes, but most of all I am so excited for the awesome images we get to create on their day. 

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer Jensen

Photos by Jensen