Engagement Session atAssiniboine Park Zoo | Jennifer & Michael

Photos & Text by Peggy

Like they say… 3rd time lucky! We had to cancel this session twice because of bad weather the first time around and the second time Michael wasn’t feeling too well & decided to rather spend the day in the ER than get his picture taken with me.

But It all worked out well- it was a gorgeous day for the Zoo and I’m actually happy that it got cancelled the first two times, cause it was just Perfect! Who would've thought that having an engagement session at the Zoo can be so much fun! Jennifer LOVES Polar Bears and that is what made her decide on the Zoo as a location for pictures. Little did I know that we will get so many different pictures and that the Zoo had some other amazing locations.

As I said, it was a perfect day with a perfect couple and I cannot wait to share in their Wedding Day Celebrations later this year.

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