Winter Engagement Photos | Jana & Mel

Photos & Text by Tony

For the first time in my life I documented the making of a spaghetti dinner for an engagement shoot.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed to this unique proposition.  I assumed upon arrival at their condo that they must love cooking if they wanted it to be the story behind their engagement session. 

That was most certainly not the case.  Many laughs were shared over Jana’s lack of knowledge around cutting onions, and Mel’s inability to to decipher what ingredients/tools she needed to complete the recipe.  The fact that the recipe was written in french would have been a good excuse for most, but it didn’t really apply to this Francophone from New Brunswick.  I don’t know how the spaghetti turned out, but they sure pour a mean glass of wine.

With the cooking complete, we had the privilege of noticing a beautiful snow shower falling outside, and took the opportunity to grab a few more romantic shots in the cold.

All in all I had an awesome time, and I am super excited for their wedding in the Human Rights Museum this summer.

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