Lagimodiere Gaboury Park and The Forks Engagement Photos | Lisa & Geordie

Photos & Text by Tony

It’s not that often that I do an engagement shoot without meeting the couple first in an inquiry meeting.  But that’s what happened with this couple.  I met them only moments before the first photos were taken. 

We started off in the beautiful Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park.  However, within a few minutes, the mosquitoes reduced our blood volume to a half and we sought refuge at The Forks.  The sun peaked out just long enough for a few sunset photos.  After the sun disappeared again behind the clouds we were met with a super fun photo opportunity, sprinklers below the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 

They didn’t seem very interested in getting wet, so I assured them I would position them in spots where they wouldn’t get soaked.  Mere moments later they were running through the sprinklers like a couple of young kids.  It was amazing.

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