Ane & Chris' Winnipeg Wedding by Peggy

Fort Whyte Wedding in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Peggy

This wedding was a most special occasion to photograph. The bride and groom, poured their hearts and style into this wedding and every detail was well thought out. The bouquet was quite spectacular and Ane kept true to her roots by incorporating so many South African elements into this wedding day. Even the arch that framed them exchanging wedding vows was breathtaking.

The wedding and reception venue at Fort Whyte, was chosen by this couple by their love for nature and The Loly Lookout Picnic Shelter is named after Chris’s mom. Ane & Chris picked the most vibrant floral design to adorn the reception dinner room and make it a stunning visual experience. 

Their wedding was a beautiful and intimate affair - a celebration with friends and family from across the world, as far as Germany and South Africa. When it came to speeches, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. You could feel the love that binds these two unique people together as well as the strong family bonds that are shared.

Congratulations to two amazing people and thank you for letting me document your wedding and the first day of your new life together.

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