Photos & Text by Réanne

Kelly Tellier from Lily Stone Gardens and I have been planning a Boho Chic inspired shoot since the beginning of the summer and our vision came to life two weeks ago! Kelly runs a season cut flower farm and a year round floral-design studio specializing in the seasonal use of her own product.

I cannot thank Kelly enough for putting so much effort into this. It seriously would not have been the same without her. She's inspiring in so many ways - an extremely dedicated entrepreneur, a caring wife, a mother to two boys & a genuine friend with an amazing talent to share with the world on her acreage of flowers in Rosenort, MB.

I’m so proud of her as you can tell and I’m so glad she lives close to home. Kelly will definitely go the extra mile for you. Her work continually surpasses my expectations! Check out her lovely work.

Full Gallery HERE

A BIG and SPECIAL thanks to everyone else that was involved in this shoot.

Hair & Makeup: Analisa Hruda -Wedding Hair & Makeup (Mitchell, MB)
Calligraphy: Jennifer Bianca Creative (Rosenort, MB)
Models: Lianne, Bertha, Kristen, Michelle & Colin

And last, but not least, Kelly and I's right hand girls: Nicole & Brienna

Thank you so, SO much!
Enjoy all the pretty and the florals!