Victoria Beach Engagement Photos | Christen + Russ

Photos & Text by Tony

Northern Saskatchewan has been having some terrible problems with forest fires.  And the wind patterns have been just right to blow all of that smoke over southern Manitoba, causing a hazy effect that has been providing near-indoor studio quality lighting in the beautiful outdoor prairie settings.  I couldn’t have asked for better lighting.

When Christen, Russ and I walked down to the water, Christen, who has been visiting this lake since she was a little girl, said that she has never in her life seen the lake so calm.  The water was almost like glass.

I felt like the stars had aligned for us.  Perfect lighting and perfect location.  When we started the shoot it also turned out that Christen and Russ were a blast to shoot.  They were a ton of fun when they needed to be, and switched on the charm when it was time to make more dramatic photos.

If this is any indication of what their wedding will be like, I can hardly wait.

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