This couple’s story may make you believe in fate.

Photos & Text by Tony

Both Rujan and Kayhan’s parents were citizens of Iraq when they were forced to flea.  Both families ended up in the same refugee camp in Turkey.  While there, one of these families gave birth to a little girl, the other gave birth to a boy.  Without ever meeting there, Kayhan’s family took off and re-established their family roots in Nashville, while Rujan’s family chose to call Winnipeg their new home.  Many years passed, and in 2012 these two ended up in Texas to celebrate a wedding.  One related to the groom, and one related to the bride.  They ended up meeting, and hitting it off.  From that moment on, they started writing their story together.

I met Rujan and Kayhan for the first time when they drove up for their shoot.  After getting to know each other and taking a few pictures at the Manitoba Legislative Building, Rujan took us all to her favourite fountain in the city.  Just as we were arriving, the sky was exploding in color and we had the fountain all to ourselves.

So happy I got to meet these two.