Bonnie & Kristjan's Wedding Photos by Peggy

Manitoba wedding photos in St. Malo

Photos & Text by Peggy

When I first met Bonnie & Kristjan I saw that these two shared a love that is different and unique , just as they are. Kristen even started crying during our meeting and I saw the deeper side of him , and also what Bonnie means to him.

 Never a dull moment with these two I tell you, from driving into recycle bins with their bicycles and jumping into water during their engagement session to their wedding day where they did a “chest bump” after saying their I do’s and Kristjan in his excitement tried doing “the dip” with Bonnie and she literally fell to the ground. Luckily nobody got hurt but it sure was funny!

I can just see that their life together is going to be a great big adventure filled with LOTS of giggles, crying and excitement.

Bonnie and Kristjan, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be sharing your pictures today. This Intimate Farm Wedding is definitely among my favourites.

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