St. Boniface Cathedral Winnipeg Wedding | Kristi & Romain

St. Boniface Cathedral Winnipeg Wedding

It was a beautiful afternoon; there was a certain ‘joie de vivre’ in the air. Was it that I was photographing in the French quarter of Winnipeg perhaps? For Kristi and Romain taking their vows today was another testament to the love they genuinely share. 

During the service love floated in the air, you could almost touch it, definitely a special day for family and friends. The delicate pastels, the amazing décor all helped to create tomorrows memories. With spring starting to rise her head the buds on the trees were starting to come back to life, in showcasing their true beauty to us all once more. 

I am always so delighted to be able to share with so many on their day of love. I always try to photograph truthfully and effectively, my aim is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of love that surrounds us, to capture the humanity which lives or are latent in all things. Weddings transcend love everyone different, everyone unique, everyone filled with so much love

L'amour de deux

Nous deux, vous et moi partageons nos voeux aujourd'hui,

Une connexion de nos cœurs, à sa manière.

Des liens spirituels, comme les feuilles d'un arbre,

Pour l'amour que nous partageons tous les deux, a toujours voulu être.

Nous savons tous les deux que cela est vrai, notre unité complète.

Nos cœurs se combinent pour former une union sans pareil.

Mon coeur est à toi et le tien est à moi

Pour chérir toutes les années.

De ce jour de notre mariage.