Shannon & Tracy's Engagement Photos

Netley Creek, Manitoba Engagement Photography

Photos & Text by Tony

In 2011 I had been taking pictures as an amateur for a few years.  Although I was showing primarily just landscapes at the time, that didn’t stop Shannon from asking me to document her proposal to Tracy.  We used the guise of a family photo shoot.  Part way through Shannon dropped to one knee. 

It was a moment I will never forget, and ultimately it was the start of my pursuit of the branch of wedding photography.  I’ve shot countless weddings and engagements since.  Throughout it all, these two have been arguably my biggest supporters.  I am so happy that these two are finally getting married this year, and am honoured to be the chosen wedding photographer.  

Without further adieu, here is Shannon and Tracy’s formal engagement shoot taken at their happy place, Netley Creek.

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