Nelda & Tyler's Wedding Photos by Peggy

Wedding at Gaffers in Lockport

Photos & Text by Peggy

This wedding was one big celebration of Love. 

-First there’s the love between Nelda & Tyler, I have never seen anything like it before. 
-Then there’s Tyler’s sister who absolutely adores him. and is also his inspiration for working with special needs athletes.
-Football, need I say more? They even showed everyone how he tackled her one day when his excitement during playoffs just got the best of him.
-Friends & Family from near and far came to celebrate this day with them and every person there played a role in this couples’ life.

It was an honour being a part of your day and I truly hope that your future together as Mr. and Mrs. is and adventure filled with love, laughter, many football games, friends & family and everything that makes you happy.

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