Morden Engagement Session | Rozlyn + David

Photos & Text by Réanne

Rozlyn & David’s romantic outdoor session took place in Rozlyn’s hometown, Morden, Manitoba, by the Colert Beach. It was a partly cloudy evening that allowed the sun to occasionally peak through to give us some warm light and fuzzies we were hoping for!

These two had infectious smiles as soon as they got out of their car that kept me smiling in admiration throughout the entire shoot. There truly are no combination of words to describe one’s relationship with another, but I could definitely feel a positive energy sending out wave after wave of wholehearted love.

We ended this session in a gorgeous open space with sparse trees. With all of our country roots, we felt right at home and immensely appreciated our surroundings.

I’m eager to shoot their wedding that will take place in the Pembina Valley Hills at the end of June. So many perfect, yet indescribable combinations to look forward to!

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