Cassandra & Roberto's Wedding Photos by Tony

Millennium Centre Wedding in Winnipeg

Millennium Centre Winnipeg wedding photographer

Photos & Text by Tony

One never knows quite when Manitoba’s Autumn colours will truly explode.  You can always plan your wedding for that time of year and hope for the best, but its always a lottery who gets the weekend wedding with the best colours.  This year, Cassandra and Roberto hit the jackpot.  In a sense, this was a destination wedding, given our couple travelled from Southern Ontario, but the bulk of the attendees were locals. 

This wedding really had a lot of incredible components.  From Father Sam smacking our lovely couple around a bit while marrying them, to the aforementioned fall colours, and finally, to finishing up in one of the classiest reception venues, The Millennium Centre, in the city.  The massive donut and candy bar may have also been icing on the cake.

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