Laura & Tyler's Mexico Wedding photos by Tony

A beautiful destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta destination wedding photographer


Photos & Text by Tony

One hot day in Puerto Vallarta in April 2015 I remember walking down the beach, around midnight, towards a boat that was scheduled to take me, along with all of the other wedding guests back to the mainland to rest our bones from a long day of celebrating one incredible wedding.  As I stepped on the boat I looked behind me, and just stared at through the piercing dark at the beach, only lit by a few flaming torches and the stars.  I thought to myself, “you are one lucky individual having had the privilege to shoot here.  Take it all in, as it is unlikely you will ever be back.”  This beach is remarkable.  Lots of people schedule their destination wedding there with the spirit of adventure.  It is a peninsula only accessible by boat, quite a distance across the bay from Puerto Vallarta.  My wife, who was with me at the time was thinking the same thing.  Eventually we got back to Winnipeg, back to our home and our reality.  

A few weeks went by, and a young couple contacted me, curious about what hiring a destination wedding photographer looked like.  Having just shot my first tropical destination wedding a few months prior I was more than happy to share about that experience.  Little did we know, the beach I had just recently shot a wedding on was the exact beach they were planning their wedding for.  It’s such a weird feeling to have one of the handful of venues I’ve shot multiple weddings at be on a secluded Mexican beach, nearly in the middle of nowhere.

Fast forward to about a month ago, my wife and I boarded a plane, excited to watch two more amazing people celebrate their love story on a beach that we were already fond of.  We were lucky enough to be able to travel with some incredibly kind and funny people.  We were welcomed into the group as friends and spent the rest of the week relaxing and laughing with some of Winnipeg’s best.  

A few days into the trip, the day of the wedding, a tropical storm was brewing in the Pacific Ocean, pounding the bulk of the North American West Coast with strong surf.  We had heard Laura, along with her bridesmaids, had a rough trip to the beach, and most of them had gotten sick.  The rest of us clamoured onto a catamaran and didn’t fare much better.  After a bit of a scary boat ride we made it to solid ground.  With only minutes to regain our bearings, the wedding ceremony started.  It was beautiful.  The ocean had a few tricks up her sleeve yet, and managed to hit a few bridesmaids with some waves during the ceremony, and if I’m not mistaken stole someone’s shoes.  After a nice dinner, with the stage set up on the beach, the crowd danced the night away, with the occasional wave joined the party.  

When the wedding day was over, my wife and I made that walk back to the boat, not knowing if we’d be back.

A big thanks to Laura and Tyler for having my wife and I along.  We are so happy to share your story.