Wedding at Larters Golf Club | Jennifer & Michael

Photos & Text by Peggy

What a great day for a wedding! Beautiful skies, great weather and amazing people ! 

From dealing with wardrobe malfunctions and dodging a couple of golf balls on the course - this was such an incredible celebration of Love. Jennifer’s grandmother passed away recently, knowing how much it would mean to Jen, - Michaels dad arrived at the wedding in her grandmothers old car which he purchased from her grandma. Seeing her eyes light up was such a special moment and it almost brought me to tears when she thanked Michael’s dad during her speech. 

Michael; who is not a man of many words - had almost everyone in tears during his speech - it is clear to see why they are the perfect match - and just the way they look at one another makes you feel the love between them.

I am so honoured to have been a part of your Wedding Day and getting to tell your Love Story, I wish you all the best - thank you for making my job so easy!

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