Kristine & Brooke's Wedding Photos | St. Norbert Art Centre

SNAC Fall Wedding Ceremony, Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

One of the interesting things about the seasons of Manitoba is that they are brutally unpredictable.  Aside from guessing there will be snow in January and mosquitoes in August, not much else can be guessed with any amount of accuracy. 

So when people want to plan an Autumn wedding, its complete luck of the draw whether or not you’ll see any fall colours.  The leaves seem to change at a different time every year, and one windy day and Autumn is over.  So first and foremost, congrats to Kristine and Brooke for getting their day in on some epic fall colours.

Their day was relaxed and intimate, which seemed to embody their only real priorities for the wedding day.  

And as my first time getting to shoot at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, I couldn’t have been happier with the company, the place and the story that unfolded in front of my camera.

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