Andrea & Rob's Engagement Photos

Engagement photos in Kings Park, Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Peggy

“It’s you. every single time it’s you. I want to hold your head in my hands as my lips brush against the softness of your skin and I know you don't need me, but you want me and I want you back and there’s nothing in this world that will stop me from choosing you every night before I fall asleep and every morning when I awake because there’s magic in the choice and I promise that every single day I’ll choose you. Always you.”

-K. Towne Jr.

Andrea & Rob are just perfect for one another, it was honestly such a fun session and I had a blast with them. These guys made me laugh so much and it was just great to see the connection they have. I have never seen anyone get as excited about getting their picture taken as Andrea. And now its my turn to get excited by sharing this beautiful engagement session. 

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