Jess & Jeff's Wedding Photos | Beausejour

Backyard wedding in Beausejour Manitoba


Photo by Blair

Jess and Jeff were a couple that I connected with nearly within 2 minutes of meeting them for the first time.  When they started telling me about their plans for their wedding day, I was sold.  I wanted in!  I was thrilled beyond belief when they chose me to capture this day for them.  

The day had plenty of elements that made it so personal and unique.  The fact that they did everything on Jess’ parents property south of Beausejour was a deep connection to her family and her roots.  The raw emotions that came out during the day were inspiring to capture, like no wedding I have done before. 

One of the best things that I will remember about this day, is how everyone who was a part of making their day what it was, were the people who were a part of their lives.  People that they would be able to laugh with, and say “Hey, remember when….?”

Jess and Jeff will live a happy and prosperous life together and are the absolute definition of what I believe to be the truest of soulmates. 

It’s days like this that make me realize why I love doing what I do.  I can’t thank Jess and Jeff enough for reminding me of this.