Jess & Jeff's Engagement Photos | Manitoba

Manitoba countryside Engagement Session

Manitoba Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Blair

The first time I met Jess and Jeff for the initial meeting with me, there was almost an immediate bond, like I had known them for years.  There was no awkward silence, or uncomfortable moments, we gelled pretty quickly.

I was invited out to Jess’ parent’s house out in the country for this session.  Back roads and blustery conditions led me out to their beautiful property on a Sunday afternoon, which will also be the venue for their wedding in June.  

After an introduction and visit with Jess’ parents, we headed out to explore.  As we started the session, it didn’t take long for me to see the chemistry and connection that they have with each other.   It is unwavering and unquestionable. 

This day was special and their wedding this summer will be a memorable experience.  One that I truly look forward to having some fun with!

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