Angie & Jeff's Engagement Photos by Tony

Engagement Photos at the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland

Isle of Skye Scotland wedding photographer

Photos & Text by Tony

I met Angie and Jeff at the start of October.  The two of them had just moved to Winnipeg from the Yukon for work.  Our jaws started dropping when we discovered that unbeknownst to us, mine and Jeff’s brothers are actually roommates. 

They dropped further when we realized we were all in the United Kingdom less than a month later and there was a two day window in each of our schedules that worked to fit in an engagement shoot out at the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland.  At this stage, everything seemed to be going so well that we decided to schedule a shoot at an incredible castle where 007: Skyfall was filmed.

Sure the forecast said heavy rain every day for the foreseeable future, but lady luck was once again in our favour as we had sunny warm weather with the Autumn Colours at their peak.  This shoot was just simply too good to be true. 

So without further ado, please enjoy happenstance at it’s finest.

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