Lisa & Ryan's Wedding Photos by Peggy

Hawthorne Estates Wedding Photography

Hawthorn Estates Wedding Photographer

Photos & Text by Peggy

Lisa & Ryan Finally decided to tie the knot on their 10 year anniversary, and I guess it’s true howpeople always say ‘good things take time’ - because these two are beyond good together and I had such a wonderful time celebrating their Big Day with them.

First time ever where I had witnessed a bride waiting for her guests to arrive for the ceremony - all the guests were travelling to Hawthorne Estates by bus and the bus was an hour late. With an outside ceremony and clouds looking rather tempting she started getting worried that it might start raining. But Lisa’s Bridesmaids and Man of honour did a fantastic job in keeping her calm - drinking some champagne in the Bridal Room and just laughing away.

Of course just as the Ceremony was about to start - the rain came down. But rain on your wedding day is good luck and in this case it didn't stop Lisa & Ryan from having the most amazing wedding day!

Congratulations you two. I had a wonderful day capturing your wedding day and telling your Love Story.

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