Jeff & Erin's Winnipeg wedding by Tony

Fort Whyte Alive Wedding in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

Over the last few years I’ve shot several weddings of couples from Alberta and BC.  All have Winnipeg roots, which is why their wedding is here.  In almost 100% of the cases, I have had some form of connection to either the bride or the groom.  This situation was no different.  Just overdecade ago I spent several weekday evenings every fall/winter playing volleyball against this groom (Jeff), and the bride (Erin) has a mother and sister that are students in my wife’s yoga classes occasionally.  It’s always exciting to see our global village display these crossed paths.

Although I never really spent any time with these two before their wedding, I was completely inspired by them.  These two are the embodiment of “living life to the fullest.”  Whether it’s moving every few months to a different part of the country chasing dreams, leaving home behind to explore what this world has to offer, or just happily being with friends/family and enjoying the more basic parts of life.

It was such a pleasure getting to see this side of them, and an honour to have been chosen to document this part of their adventure.  Please enjoy these photos from their beautiful wedding day at Fort Whyte Alive.

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