Chad & Nancy's Wedding Photos by Tony

Winnipeg Exchange District Wedding Photos

Photos & Text by Tony

Tony Winnipeg Wedding Photographers Collective

I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding quite like this.  Saying that this group is nuts would be an understatement.  I kind of knew this would be the case when they first inquired about wedding photography services, as I’ve worked with this groom doing construction in the past. 

I knew I underestimated how wild they would actually be from the moment I realized the Maid of Honour went by the name “Mudflaps,” and the bridal party appeared to burn through a can of beer at approximately 30 second intervals for the entire 11 hours I was with them.  I think this is what Country Fest would probably look like in wedding format.

I had a great time documenting this wedding day and I am excited to share it with all of you.

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