Winnipeg Exchange District Engagement Photos | Shannon + Brent

Photos + Text by Peggy

Shannon & Brent (aka Greg) are such a lovely couple.

I could not stop calling Brent ,Greg for some odd reason, and at the end of the session I actually gave him permission to punch me next time I do it again, hence the picture of Greg, (“oops”) Brent’s fist against the window! Despite her love for Brent, Shannon and I share a very special love… FOR SHOES!!! She rocked her high heels through the Chic urban streets of downtown Winnipeg.

They love traveling and just booked their Honeymoon in SPAIN! I am stoked to capture their Manitoba Wedding Day, the first day as Husband & Wife on their journey through life...

Thank you Shannon & Brent , for a great afternoon , looking forward to a fabulous wedding day!

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