Sarah and Terence's Wedding Photos by Tony

The Children's Museum in Winnipeg, wedding reception

Photos & Text by Tony

I always seem to get a workout taking pictures of these two.  From chasing horses in the snow for an engagement shoot, to climbing abandoned train bridges for cool angles on their wedding day. And I always have a ton of fun.  

These two are proudly unique individuals who just want to have fun with their buddies.  At the same time, they are emotional people who keep these friends and family very near and dear to their hearts.  They got married in the University of Winnipeg Science building, which held extreme significance to them.  Sarah’s deceased father was an incredible scientist who worked out of the U of W, making internationally recognized contributions to the scientific community.

After grabbing some photos at Kildonan Park, they finished their day off with a super fun reception at The Children’s Museum.  What a privilege it was to be part of this day.

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