Jamie & Brendin's wedding at Bridges Golf Course by Tony

Bridges Golf Course wedding in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

So much to say here, but all I want to write about is Brendin’s reaction to seeing his wife walk down the aisle.  Going through those photos it becomes quite apparent why they chose to get married.  There is such a strong connection. 

That part of the day was awesome!  But it wasn’t the only awesome part.  While I was shooting the guys drinking beers and playing pool, Jamie and the ladies were getting their hair done at Elan (elanhairstudio.ca) (where Jamie works), and to keep busy, our beautiful bride to be decided to start working the front desk.  After clocking in her hours I met up with them for final prep.  Besides Jamie’s sister’s dog, everyone was very kind to me.

This was my first time shooting at Bridges, and I sure hope it was not the last.  It was the perfect setting, for this happy, energetic couple and wedding party to have a beautiful ceremony, and to throw down a mean dance party.  Have a look for yourself.