Kevin and Alli's Engagement photos by Tony

Winter engagement photos in Winnipeg Assiniboine Forest

Photos & Text by Tony

Sometimes when its minus a billion degrees outside, and 4 days down the road the forecast is saying it will warm up to minus still really cold but tolerable, its very much like seeing a mirage.  Kevin and Alli optimistically jumped on scheduling their engagement shoot for that morning.  What we failed to recognize was that those warmer temperatures weren't to be had until later in the day, if at all.  But these two held up. 

I haven’t heard if Kevin’s ears ended up falling off, but they smiled and enjoyed themselves from start to finish, and that’s what kept me warm.  Actually, I never felt warm, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these two.  If they are this happy freezing to death, I can’t wait to see their smiles on their wedding day.

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