Angie & Jeff's Wedding Photos by Tony

Elmhurst golf & country club wedding

Photos & Text by Tony

I’ve had a pretty epic journey with Angie and Jeff.  Yes, you could say it’s because we managed to time out an engagement shoot in the Scottish Highlands.  And that would be a very good argument, to say the least.  But what’s even greater than epic locations is having profound moments with loved ones.

Shortly after Angie and Jeff got married I posted a picture of Angie and her dad walking down the aisle on my Instagram feed.  It was a beautiful emotional photo even without knowing the backstory. 

Angie’s father had a stroke a little while ago, which not only affected his physical well-being it also brought into question for Angie if he would ever be able to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.  It was a very slow walk to say the least, but this man mustered up every ounce of strength and finished what he set out to do.  Every slow step, and every passing moment added fuel to the emotional buildup as they walked closer, and closer.  Angie and her very emotional father met Jeff in front of their close friends and family who seemed to all be entranced by the powerful display of emotion unfolding in front of them. 

This brief moment in time, which is now nothing but history, was captured on camera and allowed to live out forever.  It is knowing that this picture will be a staple in their family history for generations that I take care in documenting people’s stories.  And it is moments like this that send a shock wave through me, reminding me how important of a job I have.  I can’t believe I get this honour.

And yet this was but one moment.  There were so many more important chapters to this story taking place throughout the day.  Some with this same level of emotional rawness, and many others on the complete opposite end of the spectrum; goofy, absurd, etc.  And if you knew the backstories of their friends and family, I’m sure you’d know exactly why.

For friends and family going through these photos, thanks for welcoming us into the group and allowing us to document your story.

For future brides and grooms checking these out, wishing you all the best as you dream about how your story will unfold.

For the rest of y’all, happy clicking.

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