Amy & Ivan's Wedding Photos by Peggy

Cielos Garden Wedding, Manitoba

Cielos Garden Steinbach Wedding Photographer

Photos & Text by Peggy

What makes a wedding day at Cielos Garden even more perfect? The fact that you get to be the photographer for Amy & Ivan’s wedding.

Everything was so perfectly planned and one of my favourite moments as a photographer was when we did the big reveal and Amy’s parents saw her in her wedding dress the first time. I even had to wipe away a couple of tears, and that was only the start of a couple of Kleenex moments for me.

Then honouring the family members who were not with them anymore, Amy & her grandfather were very close and I just loved her tattoo of his signature on his arm. Ivan’s mother passed away a couple of months ago, and his dad honoured her by bringing a white rose with him. After the couple did their first dance, Ivan danced with his sister and tears were flowing all over again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Thank you for making my job so easy and welcoming me into your lives, I really feel like I’m a part of your family and loved every single minute of this day. I am so excited to share this amazing day with you guys and wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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