Alecia & Kasey's Wedding Photos

Fort Garry Hotel wedding in Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

It should come as no surprise that I love shooting weddings.  When most of us think of weddings though, we think of massive parties, lots of people and a day that has a schedule that is longer than my family’s grocery list.  And that is a fair depiction. 

After all, the bulk of the weddings we see in Manitoba fit this description.  However, every now and then I have the opportunity to document small weddings, with little to no formal timeline.  What makes these weddings so special is the intimacy, and the opportunity for everyone to connect on a more personal level. 

This level of intimacy really puts the focus on the importance of family, and that’s exactly what happened with Alecia and Kasey’s wedding.  Given that I am a cousin to the bride, I felt much more integrated into the family celebration.  I was also keenly aware that the date of the wedding was also our uncle and aunt’s anniversary;  an aunty who passed away much too young, earlier this year. 

A reminder that with the limited time we have on this planet, we must enjoy, embrace and celebrate those that matter most to us while we can.

Tears and smiles were shared, and the kids tore up the dance floor.  Exactly the way this wedding should have been.

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