Leo Mol Sculpture Garden Engagement | Ashley & Tymon

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden Engagement

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden Photos

Photos by Peggy

Ashley & Tymon are getting married next year and what a perfect Fall day we chose for their engagement pictures. We even got a light dusting of snow and it was just Perfect!

Almost as Perfect as these two, when I asked them on how they met - Ashley started off by saying she had two conditions when it came to dating someone - they could never be working together or he could not be in the military — mmmm…. well Tymon did both and yet she fell head over heels in love with him. I have to give him point though, after a date they went on he knew he had a week to seal the deal as Ashley was off to Europe in a coupe of days.

Well while she was in Europe - Tymon tried racking her down and finding out where she was staying - all of this to send her a birthday present while she was in Europe. That’s when Ashley knew - this guy will do absolutely anything for her.

Looking forward to your wedding next year and capturing some new memories for you guys!

Evergreen Village Wedding | Evelyn + Jordan

Evergreen Village Wedding

Evergreen Village Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos by Peggy

Evelyn & Jordan’s wedding was at Evergreen Village last month. What a beautiful story on how these two met. Online gaming…

Jordan decided to invite this girl to Winnipeg for a visit - and from the moment they met in person - he knew this is the puzzle piece that has been missing for so many years. 

Evelyn moved to Canada earlier this year from the U.S. to start her life with Jordan - and I am so honoured that I was part of their wedding day celebrations.

Wishing you guys all of the best for the future. 

St. Boniface Golf Club Wedding | Katie & Ryan

St. Boniface Golf Club Wedding


Photos by Peggy

So happy to share this beautiful wedding today. Katie & Ryan’s wedding was such an amazing day celebrated with friends and family.

That is by far the most fun I’ve ever had - kind of hard not to have a great time when you are around these guys. I cannot help but feel a little bit jealous of the love that this Boy and Girl (Their nicknames for one another ) have for each other - so great to see 2 people who are #Munt2be2018 - vow to love each other forever and a day.

Katie & Ryan - it was an absolute pleasure being a part of your big day and telling your Love Story

Qualico Family Centre Wedding | Varina & Rod

Qualico Family Centre Wedding

Varina & Rod’s Intimate Celtic Qualico Family Centre Wedding at The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden was a day filled with love, laughter, traditions and shared with friends and family. Thank you so much for allowing me to have been a part of your big day - wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

Bridges Golf Course Wedding | Ilish & Tyler

Bridges Golf Course Wedding

When I first met Ilish she was a teacher at my little girls’ daycare centre. She absolutely adored her and very quickly became a good friend. Then I did a photosession for her and her boyfriend Tyler, 2 years later their engagement session and another year later I get to photograph their Wedding! What a journey it has been and I’m so happy for you guys and so blessed to be a part of all of this. 

And in the next couple of weeks you guys are going to be parents to a lovely little baby boy! Congratulations you guys, wishing you two a lifetime of happiness and a great new adventure with your little boy.