Kenora Wedding Video | Carolyn & Kyle

Kenora Wedding Video

I was honoured to spend the day with Carolyn and Kyle on their wedding day out in Kenora, Ontario. Every bit of the day was so unique and I enjoyed filming it all.

We got to ride along the S.S. Kenora, discover beautiful photo spots on the lake and capture endless moments. 


Video by Graham

I had such a great day shooting your wedding, thank you for allowing me to tell your wedding story!

Wedding at Lakeview Resort Gimli | Ashley & Corey

Wedding Lakeview Resort Gimli


Photos by Cheryl

This Wedding at Lakeview Resort Gimli, was a long time coming. From the first introduction at preschool, Little Miss Muffet and the Spider were meant to be.

With picturesque Gimli as a backdrop, these two beautiful souls said their I do's in what was an emotional, yet lighthearted ceremony.

It’s easy to see why Ashley and Corey are such wonderful people. Their parents, family, and friends are kind, personable and down to earth, making us feel so welcome and appreciated.

Graham captured an amazing video which will be featured soon! Until then, sit back witness the love of their day unfold.

Zoe & Kai's Wedding Photos | Hecla Island Manitoba

Lakeview Hecla Island Resort Winter Wedding

Photos & Text by Cheryl

I really struggled putting words on paper to express my feelings for these two sweet, gracious souls.

So please sit back, and witness their beautiful union unfold, one frame at a time. Much love to my amazing new friends.

Family and Friends can view all their photos in their online Gallery soon.

Juli and Nils's Wedding Photos

A Destination Wedding in Germany

Tony Manitoba Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Tony

Life is a funny thing; and when life offers an adventure, I try to jump on it every time.

In 2002/2003 my wife, Jocelyn, met a longtime friend, Marli, by doing a high school exchange program in a quaint town in the very northern part of Germany.  That in and of itself was an adventure all on its own.

In late 2016 another adventure was planned.  This time in the United Kingdom and this time our two kids and I were allowed to join Marli, and Jocelyn.  By the end of our time spent together there, a domino effect had started that would eventually lead Jocelyn and I to yet another adventure; starting in France and eventually into Northern Germany the following year.

I can’t tell you how fun/exciting/bizarre it is to shoot a wedding with my wife’s secondary childhood family in a country where english is not the primary language.  I pride myself in many things, but knowing a second language is not one of them.

Now I have shot a wedding before where everything was spoken in Mandarin, and I did love it.  It’s so unique documenting a love story where your only clue to what’s going on is the body language, laughter and tears; and it’s AMAZING!  If you ever have the opportunity to witness a wedding that’s in a language you don’t speak, I highly recommend it.

However, despite not being able to speak German, I grew up with an extended family that spoke a different dialect of the language almost exclusively around me.  And I somehow managed to not pick up a single word.

However, with Jocelyn’s history with the family, with how welcoming they were of me and with my childhood memories of family gatherings spoken in a variation of this language, I felt like I was part of this family, and felt like I was at home.  As I sat there surrounded by lovely people who I could barely communicate with, I wondered to myself, is this what my dog feels like when I’m talking to him?  

I can’t thank Juli and Nils enough for allowing me into their day to document such an important piece of their story.  And that “thank-you” extends to Marli as well, who made it all happen.  A secondary big “thank you” to Marli, who didn’t mind me airing out my socks and footwear from her car, while driving, after I had fallen into the Baltic Sea while taking formal portraits of the happy couple.

Congrats to Juli and Nils on starting their own big adventure together.

Family and Friends can click here to view the entire Gallery

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Laura & Tyler's Trash the Dress Wedding Photos by Tony

Day after wedding photos in Puerto Vallarta

Photos & Text by Tony

One of my favourite cities I have ever visited happens to be Puerto Vallarta. 

I think it is stunning, and the people that inhabit it are fantastic.  It makes for a great place to do a “Trash the Dress” shoot.  Between the beach, the eclectic street vendors, and Malecon lit up at night, this shoot did not disappoint. 

We ended it off by jumping in the pool at the hotel, getting kicked out, not because of the “after hours rules” but because we were swimming in a vat of chemicals that had just been dumped in.  Thankfully none of us ended up with our skin melting off.