Brent writes about his country roots as inspiration for Wedding Photography

I”m from the country, people love the country.

I’ve lived in Winnipeg for 6 years….. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a million and one reason’s to love Winnipeg “Janelle is my number 1”. But when you grow up in the country it’s like a badge of honour. My Friends say “I’m going back home"…..they really mean their parents house on a farm or  small town!

Out on the open road. This was the first wedding of the season I got to leave the city for. And man did it not disappoint. It was at the lovely and infamous Cielos Gardens. Its full of these little romantic walking trails in the bush, which looks out of this world after sunset, all lit up with fairy lights.

Photo by Brent |  Full profile here

Photo by Brent | Full profile here