Birds Hill Park Pre Wedding Photo Shoot | Andrea & Jamaal

Birds Hill Park Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

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Photos by Cheryl

Soft spoken, kind, attentive. These words instantly come to mind when I think of Andrea and Jamaal.

Selfless hard work and dedication to their careers in child social services doesn’t leave them with many free moments to spare.

These two have no idea how amazing they are. I was grateful to be able to create some special moments in the woods with them.

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Winnipeg Best Western Plus Wedding | Tayler & Zach

Winnipeg Best Western Plus Wedding

Taylor & Zach, met, fell in love and started their happy lives together. Today, at the Best Western Plus in Winnipeg, was a union of two very special people.

Laughter flowed as we started at Lower Fort Garry where the weather played on our side. The clouds rolled by, as the wind picked up making for some very dramatic pictures. 

Next stop the Legislative building, a powerful piece of architecture, I find this building is always so beguiling. Our final stop was at the Best Western Hotel for the ceremony & Reception, much love was apparent, many tears and so much laughter. 

One point I would like to say is that I have been elevated before and will probably be again, but being a part of something truly so emotional as the message from Zach’s mother was really unsurpassable. There was not a dry eye in the house, including mine. A memory I will keep inside always. 

I love this life, I am honored to be a part of all weddings. Personally, I feel like I am always catching my breath and saying “Oh! Look at that?” I find photography is my way of bearing witness to the shear joy I find in seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Capturing the single moment, that memory, is what makes my life so complete. We at the collective always say, ‘you don’t look for pictures, your pictures are looking for you!’

A Mothers love

A mother’s love shone through this day,

The day we said I do.

With tears in our hearts, and our souls united,

Becoming one, was all so true.

Our two souls connected like no other,

In thinking of our mother,

I ask you this my sweet love,

To love me all my days,

Our hopes, our dreams, will always be

Together, as one and free.


Spring Engagement Session in Birds Hill Park | Monica & Tyler

Spring Engagement Photo Session in Birds Hill Park

I received an inquiry from a couple in the midst of organizing a wedding, completing a degree and opening a Chiropractic Practice, while currently living 2 countries apart.

Over Easter, Monica travelled from Davenport, Iowa and Tyler from Swan River to spend the long weekend together, along with their beloved pooches Diesel and Blue. It was a family reunion of sorts as they hadn’t seen each other in 4 months.

With vibrant skies, and golden light as a canvas, I had the opportunity to frame the authentic connection these two share for one another. Between the shy giggles and tender glances, these images look exactly how they felt, at that exact moment.

I loved hearing about your journey together, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

Photos by Cheryl

St. Boniface Cathedral Winnipeg Wedding | Kristi & Romain

St. Boniface Cathedral Winnipeg Wedding

It was a beautiful afternoon; there was a certain ‘joie de vivre’ in the air. Was it that I was photographing in the French quarter of Winnipeg perhaps? For Kristi and Romain taking their vows today was another testament to the love they genuinely share. 

During the service love floated in the air, you could almost touch it, definitely a special day for family and friends. The delicate pastels, the amazing décor all helped to create tomorrows memories. With spring starting to rise her head the buds on the trees were starting to come back to life, in showcasing their true beauty to us all once more. 

I am always so delighted to be able to share with so many on their day of love. I always try to photograph truthfully and effectively, my aim is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of love that surrounds us, to capture the humanity which lives or are latent in all things. Weddings transcend love everyone different, everyone unique, everyone filled with so much love

L'amour de deux

Nous deux, vous et moi partageons nos voeux aujourd'hui,

Une connexion de nos cœurs, à sa manière.

Des liens spirituels, comme les feuilles d'un arbre,

Pour l'amour que nous partageons tous les deux, a toujours voulu être.

Nous savons tous les deux que cela est vrai, notre unité complète.

Nos cœurs se combinent pour former une union sans pareil.

Mon coeur est à toi et le tien est à moi

Pour chérir toutes les années.

De ce jour de notre mariage.

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