Jessica & Daylon's Wedding Photos | Fort Gibraltar

Winnipeg wedding at Fort Gibraltar

Fort Gibraltar Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Cheryl

Tales from childhood and video evidence. First introductions and parental wisdom. Pride, tears.

A new journey has begun for these two lovely humans.

Kristine & Brooke's Wedding Photos | St. Norbert Art Centre

SNAC Fall Wedding Ceremony, Winnipeg

Photos & Text by Tony

One of the interesting things about the seasons of Manitoba is that they are brutally unpredictable.  Aside from guessing there will be snow in January and mosquitoes in August, not much else can be guessed with any amount of accuracy. 

So when people want to plan an Autumn wedding, its complete luck of the draw whether or not you’ll see any fall colours.  The leaves seem to change at a different time every year, and one windy day and Autumn is over.  So first and foremost, congrats to Kristine and Brooke for getting their day in on some epic fall colours.

Their day was relaxed and intimate, which seemed to embody their only real priorities for the wedding day.  

And as my first time getting to shoot at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, I couldn’t have been happier with the company, the place and the story that unfolded in front of my camera.

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Erika & Josh's Winnipeg Wedding

Wedding Ceremony at Fort Gibraltar

Peggy Manitoba Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Peggy

What a way to start of this cold day - I am so happy to share Erika & Josh’s Wedding today.

Erika was so organized that I even showed up to the day wearing the same colours as her bridesmaids. (I kid you not - totally coincidental) 

This day couldn't have been more perfect - the weather was great - we got to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and just appreciate the beauty we have around us here in Winnipeg.

Definitely the most fun I ever had with a Wedding Party.  Erika & Josh are geeky, nerdy, crazy, loving, sincere, funny & just down right awesome people. Their wedding party followed suit with their Light Sabers, Harry Potter Ties and Light Saber Fights at Fort Gibraltar. Wait until you see Josh’s wedding band from “The Lord of the Rings”.

To make this day even more special - Erika’s dad celebrated his 70th Birthday and what a joyous celebration it was. Family & Friends from all over came to enjoy this special day - and by the end of the night when I left - I almost felt like part of their family.

Erika & Josh - words cannot describe how much I appreciate you guys allowing me to tell your story. I had an amazing day and will remember this wedding for a long time to come.

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Brittany & David's Fall Engagement photos at Lakeshore Heights

Lakeshore Heights in Manitoba Engagement Photos 

Cheryl Manitoba Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Cheryl

Autumn colours and September winds. Endless cliffs and rocky shorelines.

The painted skies opened, as the setting sun crept across the lake. A perfect finale to a fun evening with Brittany and David.

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Kelsey & Albert's Wedding photos

Cooks Falls Manitoba wedding photos

Peggy Manitoba Wedding Photographer.jpg

Photos & Text by Peggy

This day couldn't have been any more perfect. This was my first time ever at Cooks Falls Campground - about a 90 minute drive from Winnipeg; a little gem in the heart of the Whiteshell. The effort that Kelsey & Albert have put into this day and to make it their own was just mind-blowing - and everything planned to the T. 

I have never seen such a picturesque backdrop for a wedding ceremony - water rapids over the rock formations and when it came to sunset - some cow silhouettes of cattle on the horizon. 

Friends and family had the pleasure of enjoying some customized cocktails the couple have picked as well as some appetizers that were made by a dear friend, while we went exploring on the campgrounds and taking some amazing pictures.

I am so happy to have been a part of your day Kelsey & Albert and am so honoured to have been welcomed by your families. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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